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Jimmy Choo: Choo.08

Every woman loves her heels. A good pair will make you taller, create the look of better posture, and make you feel like you can conquer the world, but a woman’s feet can only take so much! There is a time when our feet have had it, and that’s where the new Jimmy Choo line comes in. Choo.08 is the company’s newest line of “sporty” shoes. Let’s just say that Jimmy Choo’s idea of sporty and Nike’s idea of sporty are two totally different things, but  Choo.08  will give women the option of wearing a flat without giving up the style they love! The line features many different flat styles, as well as a lower, thicker heeled pump for those of us not willing to ever give up heels!  WWD gave us a little dose of what the shoe line will entail, and  its amazing, check out the pictures below! 



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