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Man-Up Monday: Measuring Yourself for Online Suits

This could be you… and you don’t even need to get off the couch!


I can confess to my Man-Up Monday readers, right? Well sometimes, I’m shopping online and I forget my measurements, inseam and all. As a fashion student, it’s like going to court and being charged with two counts of “forgetfulness” and four counts of “get your butt back to class.” It “got me thinking,” if women have this issue at times, I’m sure men stumble across it too. Why must you go into the store to have your custom suit? Do you really need the experience every single time? …Or are you the get in and get out type of fellow?

Answer: Be whatever type of shopper “suits” you (Do you get it? Ha!) and still walk away with a great purchase. Men’s Journal has offered you a wonderful at home solution. They explain to you exactly what you need to do in terms measuring your manly body… So, make your online experience an easy one!

What You Need:

1) A basic knowledge of your body and it parts.


2) Flexible measuring tape


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Marvel’s Big Change for Thor

In this world, change is inevitable – not only in fashion, hair, and the likes, but in other aspects as well. This time, we get to see something different! With Marvel’s recent announcement, it’s clear that celebrities aren’t the only ones who get makeovers. The titular comic book character of Thor is now being depicted as a woman!



An inside look in an interview by Time from the writer & editor of the Thor comics tells us that this recent change isn’t to “fulfill a certain quota”. Although it may seem that male super heroes are more readily depicted and fancied, the women of the Marvel world (and in comic books in general) also have a big following. So, though not much can be said about the plot, this change was made to only develop a story line that was already planned in this direction.

But they do mention that, “We see fans of all shapes and sizes and genders in comic stores and at conventions”, so they consciously try to portray characters that reflect the outside world.



Whatever the reasoning, another (female) super hero is always a plus in my book!
What do you guys think?

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Man-Up Monday: FIFA World Cup 2014 and Mario Goetze

That’s right, Mario… Bask. Bask in all of your Man-Up Monday glory… Oh, and your victory.

I know all of you football/ soccer fans have heard the news by now! Germany took the win (1- 0) against Argentina in the final play of the FIFA World Cup 2014. Who’s our Man-Up Monday hero, you ask? It’s a man who was benched the majority of the game… He also delivered the winning goal. Mario Goetze is our 22 year old guy, with a win of a lifetime!


This was moments before a nation’s pride was unrivaled… Go, Mario!


Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!


Where did the lid to the jar of excitement go?


The lid is lost… and the German team took the jar.


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Happy 85th Birthday Imelda Marcos!

On July 2nd beautiful Imelda Marcos (born July 2nd, 1929) turned 85 years old, the widow of the former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, has a remarkable museum in the Philippines which her collection includes more than 3000 pairs of shoes.

Imelda Marcos

Imelda Marcos Museum

Imelda Marcos Shoe Museum in the Philippines.

Imelda Marcos

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Apps: Fashion and Shopping

Fashion is a lifestyle… Why not incorporate it in your phone?

We have become a society dependent upon technology, why not mix a bit of tech-savvy behavior and fashion together? Apple and Android lovers/ clothing connoisseurs rejoice, because the apps are coming… No, wait! The apps are here! We’ve chosen our top 5 free and/or worth the purchase phone apps:


1. Lookbook

Inspiration is a scroll away!

People all around the globe participate in taking “outfit of the day” pictures and providing inspiration for u all!


2. The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary

What is the difference between rayon and polyester?

This app is a dictionary that breaks down anything fashion related! Do you need the definition for the different types of collars? How about in explanation on clothing labels? Retail store history? They’ve got the answer.


3. The Hunt

*gasp* Where did she get that top?!

You post a picture of an article of clothing, and The Hunt community will tell you just where to find it!


4. Stylebook

What did I say I was wearing on Friday?

This is by far my favorite pick! It has too many features to name them all. Therefore, the best will be listed!

  • Take pictures of your own clothes individually
  • Using these pictures; plan your outfits out!
  • Create packing lists
  • Shop by mobile
  • Share your style


5. Keep Shopping

All in one!

Everything you see on this app is for sale! You can also create collections for pieces you aren’t quite ready to buy!


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Louis Vuitton: Fall Collection

Even though here in Chicago we’re living up the midsummer night’s dream – in the fashion world, there are no breaks. We’re already gearing up for the fall! So, for this year, Louis Vuitton has already debuted with their amazing collection of beautiful autumn inspired clothing. Below are just some of the amazing pieces photographed by a few of our fave photographers!


Photographed by Bruce Weber, Annie Leibovitz, and Jeurgen Teller


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4th of July Fashion: Flag Shirts


With 4th of July celebrations happening this weekend, nothing shows off your patriotic side more than flag shirts. The flag shirt to be precise. TheFlagShirt.com is your source for patriotic fashions that accomodate to everyone’s style and age. Shirts, shorts, bikinis, and tanks are among the great products that you’ll find, and they are all made in the USA. So snag a chic piece and celebrate in style!

Carrie Tank - Classic American Vertical Flag Tank Top

Eagle Constitution American Flag Womens T Shirt

Womens Stars on Top Stripes on Bottom V Neck T Shirt

Juniors Studded Flag Crop Top

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Magritte Painting Party

Magritte Painting Party

An exciting event is taking place on July 9th, in collaboration with the Magritte exhibition in Chicago. Guests can witness the transformation of shop windows as they follow Magritte themes and afterwards can look forward to a chic afterparty. The following are some of the magnificent store fronts as photographed by Amanda Wolfson of Oak Street Design.

Magritte retail shop window


Magritte retail shop window


Magritte retail shop window


Magritte retail shop window


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Magritte Exhibition in Chicago


“Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary, 1926-1938″ is now at The Art Institute of Chicago until October 14th. The exhibit features the surrealist paintings of Rene Magritte, during his most experimental years. Over 100 works will be available, including drawings, photographs, periodicals, and commercial work. For more information, click here.