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NY Fashion Week

This past week, thousands of models walked down the runway showcasing what the Spring to come will bring to us fashion people. We saw a lot of black and neutrals, we saw mesh, and we could still find some flowers. Marc Jacobs made a scene, but for me, Delpozo took everyone by storm- I can see Oscar nominees begging for his ensembles. If you have no time to be scrolling down every show, we have a small but powerful compilation of our favourite NY Fashion Week looks, tell us what you think!

Alexander Wang


Ohne Titel

Michael Kors



Marc Jacobs



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VMA’s Best Dressed

We all know the VMA’s are the perfect place for skin and vulgarity. Miley Cyrus knows that better than anyone. But there were a few people that knew ow to take those two things and make a good look out of them, and that takes more than courage and good looks, it takes taste and style. So let give a round of applause for those ladies who were fun and daring and yet very well dressed.

Cara Delevigne in Saint Laurent

Cara Delevigne in Saint Laurent

Holland Roden

Hailee Steinfeld in Stella McCartney

FKA Twiggs in Versace

Demi Lovato in Nicolas Jebran

Chrissie Teigen

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Supermodel Reunion

We have all seen the iconic Vogue UK cover starring the 5 supermodels of the Century: Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, and Tatjana Patriz, photographed by Peter Lindbergh. Surprisingly, in a decade where it’s all “in with the new, out with the old,” we are still excited by these girls and don’t want to see them fade away.

Genious Lindbrgh brought them all back for a reunion photo shoot, and showed us a director’s cut, to get a glimpse of these gals interact and do what they do best.Debuting on NOWNESS, the short film captures Crawford, Patitz, Eva Herzigova, Nadja Auermann, Helena Christensen, and Karen Alexander having some fun while Lindbergh captures their everlasting beauty.

Watch it here:

Director’s Cut

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Chicago Athletes Number 3 on Street Style

As I have been reading articles I’ve seen that we were named number three for best dressed athletes.I find it so great that are athletes like to wear designer brands.It s how’s that they enjoy fashion and don’t mind experimenting with colors and different styles.Wheather they are wearing suits or putting on some cool jeans and a leather jacket.The best look was from jimmy Bulter with the blue color print blazer so fancy.   Derrick Rose- Chicago Bulls   Jimmy Bulter- Chicago Bulls Matt Forte-Chicago Bears Martellus Bennett- Chicago Bears Brandon Marshall- Former Chicago Bears player

Michael Jordan- Former Chicago Bulls player

Patrick Sharp- Chicago Blackhawks

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Sharon Stone Nude at 57

The power of this women body is beautiful.Her confidence was as strong as ever since her playboy shoot days.The words from sharon is she believed that  sexy was trying to be who I was when I did Basic Instinct then we’d all be a having a hard day today.Throughout the article sharon stone talks about her past actress which include her earring a best actress Oscar nomination for her work in Martin Scor  sese’s Casino.Now she will be in a new show in the fall  executive producer of a new series on tnt Agent X.She plays vice president of the United States in the show. It is her first time taking on the role of being behind the scene.The picture speaks volumes it shows how stunning you can be at any age.Age nothing but a number.

Sharon Stone Necklace: Bulgari Rings: Tiffany & Co


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Gorgeous Henna Tattoos

The art of henna has been a tradition in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, and Africa for centuries, and it has only gotten better. These tattoos are mostly made to decorate a bride’s hand and feet before the marriage, celebrating with a party the night before the wedding, where friends and family can get their hands decorated too.

Designs are different amongst cultures, Indian’s being the most intricate and lace-like patterns, while Arabic designs are more abstract, and African’s are very geometric and bold. There are even more modern designs covered in glitter or gilding, and they all make for amazingly beautiful designs. Here is a gallery of some of very intricate and gorgeous designs from different cultures.



Images from http://www.mymodernmet.com/

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Best Dressed Men at TCA2015

The Teen Choice Awards might not be known for having the best dressed red carpet, and this year is no exception. But hey, this is a show targeting little millennials and nobody really said they had the best taste, but in honour of our Man-Up Monday comeback, we wanna show off some pretty well dressed guys who caught our attention last night. This is a night of fun and games, but no matter the event, they do always look their best.

These are our Top 7:


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Best Looks from Lollapalooza 2015

There’s no denying this Summer was the season of festivals. Hundreds of festivals around the globe brought people together to enjoy music, dance, play, and show off their best festival style, and Chicago didn’t stay behind. Lollapalooza had some of the most interesting and well thought-of looks. High waisted shorts, crop-tops, lots of denim, flowers, and tons of zaz. These are some of the best curated looks, so bravo to the wearers! Coachella has nothing on us!

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Basketball Team Disqualified For Female Player

A story that I recently read that had a strong message.A girl name Kymora that was the only girl on a basketball Charlotteville a young girl on a basketball team.The sad part about it was not allowed to participate in the finals because there was a female team that showed up in pink jerseys.The girl kymora had participated on team since kindergarton and has participate in other tournamerants.The mother Jessica Johnson was emailed the rule change  that only female could be on the team.They showed up in a act of silent protest.The team stated that it was a warm reception to other teams and their parents.

All pink basketball players

Silent Protest

Players being talked to by coach

Mom and Daughter Support system