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Best Dressed Men at TCA2015

The Teen Choice Awards might not be known for having the best dressed red carpet, and this year is no exception. But hey, this is a show targeting little millennials and nobody really said they had the best taste, but in honour of our Man-Up Monday comeback, we wanna show off some pretty well dressed guys who caught our attention last night. This is a night of fun and games, but no matter the event, they do always look their best.

These are our Top 7:


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Best Looks from Lollapalooza 2015

There’s no denying this Summer was the season of festivals. Hundreds of festivals around the globe brought people together to enjoy music, dance, play, and show off their best festival style, and Chicago didn’t stay behind. Lollapalooza had some of the most interesting and well thought-of looks. High waisted shorts, crop-tops, lots of denim, flowers, and tons of zaz. These are some of the best curated looks, so bravo to the wearers! Coachella has nothing on us!

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Basketball Team Disqualified For Female Player

A story that I recently read that had a strong message.A girl name Kymora that was the only girl on a basketball Charlotteville a young girl on a basketball team.The sad part about it was not allowed to participate in the finals because there was a female team that showed up in pink jerseys.The girl kymora had participated on team since kindergarton and has participate in other tournamerants.The mother Jessica Johnson was emailed the rule change  that only female could be on the team.They showed up in a act of silent protest.The team stated that it was a warm reception to other teams and their parents.

All pink basketball players

Silent Protest

Players being talked to by coach

Mom and Daughter Support system



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Street Fashion London

I had the lovely oportunity to experience street style in London. I did a segment on prints and would like to share them with you .It was amazing experience to see how much they love fashion.It made a big splash on catwalks on the recent season for spring and summer.The designers are being more creative on prints like mixing camo with other prints such as lepoards and prints.The great part about camflouge is it  seen as a  shocking wear value.I find it very insightful that you can use  vibrant colors. My favorite print is using  the painted print with corresponding colors.The best part about this trend it is energic, young and bright.

“Print Crazy Girl”


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Chanel Launches Spa

A day at the spa and a Chanel bag might’ve once been two of my heart’s desires, in two totally different levels and separate with no meeting point whatsoever. However now, it seems like Karl has decided to take the couture house to the next level, a level we never even knew was needed. The Chanel Spa: Chanel au Ritz Paris. Needless to say, it will be inside the Paris luxury hotel, which will reopen later this year.

Coco Chanel at the Ritz

The location is no coincidence, given that Coco herself lived in this hotel for 34 years of her life, having even a room named after her. She moved there in 1930, bringing her furniture with her, ”Just the basics are enough, when tasteful, to make even the most banal room personal.”- Vogue magazine, March 1937-”Mademoiselle Chanel who has been staying at the Ritz for several months is at home with a folding screen and a few flowers.”

There is not much information yet about pricing or spa menu, but there is still a hope that us mortals will be able to book a service and indulge for a day at what will probably be a timeless Paris spot.

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Biker Girl’s Hair: How to wear it.

If you’re like me, and are just discovering the unattractive mess your bike can turn you into, after a long morning of making yourself pretty for work, then we both need these tips. It’s not easy to stay stylish and safe, but hey, I rather keep my head than my flair for 30 minutes a day. Yet, we do not need to look awful throughout the day, with a nest on our heads. There are options girls!

Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins will be your friends now. Trust them. They can keep you safe, and now even cool.


Retro Twist

I’m not assuming you’re all hair stylists or anything, but if you manage to make your hair look this good, please let me know how.

Lela Rose - Runway - Spring 2011 MBFW

The Leia Braid is a classy and easy way to make yourself look presentable after a little action.

We might not look as cute as that, but at least a braid will always keep in place. Try a fishtail to make it all better.


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Rihanna New Face of Dior

One of my favorite celebrities rihanna will  star in Dior’s fourth installment of their “Secret Garden” campaign.It is campaign featurimg models posing in the palace of Versailles. The  famous photographer that will shoot rihanna is Steven Klein.The film and print will said to hit screens this spring and fashion magazines across the world.As if rihanna being the dior girl isn’t amazing enough.The highly anticipated campaign also marks the first time a black women has been chosen to front the french fashion brand.The dior partnership makes sense particularly because rihanna is often a fashion queen at the high fashion brand’s show and always flawlessly of course.Make sure to watch campaign click link below enjoy!!!

Dior Secret Garden IV featuring Rihanna – Versailles – 60s

Pictures from  Rihanna Dior Campaign



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Billboard Awards Most Revealing

After having gone through the very elegant Cannes Film Festival red carpet events this past week, we we’re a little bit used to seeing very well dressed- couture-worthy stars with beautiful dresses. However this week we were slapped in the face with the very revealing outfits many of the stars dared to walk down that carpet with. We are used to seeing skin by now, and it’s not a shocker, but maybe some of this women might start thinking a little bit about what they really want to reveal, to look stunning and not just make the headlines. This is a fun collection of the top 10 most revealing outfits of the night:

Rita Ora

Mariah Carey

Iggy Azalea


Celine DionKesha

Jennifer Lopez

Taraji P Henson

Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea


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Cannes Stars Shine on the Red Carpet

Given that us, the mortals, are not given the honor to watch the premiers of the amazing movies and documentaries premiering at Cannes, there is a pleasure that we have developed out of just watching the stars walk down the red carpet. And there’s no shame in that, it is a given that they do a hell of a job just by doing that. This year, Woody Allen presented his latest film, An Irrational Man, starring the beautiful Emma Stone, who did not disappoint. Julianne Moore did not fail to impress; it seems that as she grows older, she just keeps getting better. Her movie Mad Max: Fury Road , will hopefully amaze us just as much.  So without further or due, we present you the most beautifully dressed Cannes stars of the week:

Natalie Portman in Dior

Naomi Watts in Elie Saab

Lupita Nyongo in Gucci

Julianne Moore in Givenchy couture

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Dior Cruise 2016

Resort collections always have the chance to be presented at the most curious of places. This time, Dior’s Cruise decided to host the show at Pierre Cardin’s Le Palais Bulles, a very odd and spheric terra-cotta building. Raf Simons, creative director, though it to be “Playful, sweet…childish, almost. The house is big but intimate, and it doesn’t behave like an authority. And Dior can do that sometimes, especially if you look at it from an architectural point of view.” Cardin, 92, attended the show. 

Raf was able to keep Dior’s aesthetic without losing his own down the road. This collection was intriguing, modern, and yet really kept the brand’s heritage. The tailoring was amazing, the prints elegant and unique, and the creativity inspiring. We’re looking forward to more of Raf Simons’ trajectory with the brand!