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Denim On Denim

This spring has really made a splash on the denim on denim trend.The winning combination this spring, as designers and premium denim brands dared women not only to double up on denim, but to do it in one piece or a matching two piece ensemble.The major denim moment this season  was when anything goes from shreaded dark wash, low slung or high-waisted, and even patched or bedazzzed all different types of styles have been presented this season.The designers have been finding ways to fit denim into any ocassion, whether it is super clean, luxe skinny jean or a laid-back cropped wide-leg jean.The leading charge was denim dresses,ranging  from embellished  and evening worth at Bottega Veneta to office-ready at Victoria Beckhsm to weekend playful at AG Adriano Goldschmied in its collaboration with Alexa Chung.The best idea to me was at the Stella McCartney with two piece denim pantsuits and jumpsuits.Enjoy and have fun with this new trend!

Bottega Veneta S/S 2015

Bottega Veneta S/S 2015

Victoria Beckham Denim in Collection

Victoria Beckham Denim in Collection

Alexa Chug Denim Collection $274

Alexa Chug Denim Collection $228

Stella McCartney S/S 2015

Stella-McCartney S/S 2015

Essential Denim Pieces for your Wandrobe

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Perfect Pair

Still waiting for the perfect pair of sneakers? Looking for the stylish, unique, creative design that is -most important of all- affordable?

New Balance recently announced NB Grey, an exclusive collection for Bergdorf Goodman. It consists of 5 variations of the 696 and 620 popular styles mixed with cool leather and neon materials.

You can shop in-store or online. Price is $195 for all styles.

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Crocs are Back (were they ever?) in Fashion!

Dame Helen Mirren might be one of the most elegant women in Hollywood. She talks like a queen and she dresses like a British empress. But surprise surprise!, she has a (not no much now) secret love for the ugliest shoe in the market: the Crocs. Thanks to her friends Alan Cumming who started wearing them when she asked, “Alan, how can you be seen dead in those shoes? They’re so awful. He said, ‘Try a pair on, you’ll see.’ She told Jimmy Kimmel on his show this week. “So I found a pair, I tried them on and I’m now a complete addict. I wear Crocs all of the time.”

Helen Mirren on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Tribune called its article this past Friday, and quoted that Crocs sold nearly 30 million pairs last year, accounting for 45 percent of the company’s $1.2 billion in annual sales, with key markets in Europe, Japan, and China. They are restructuring the brand and bringing the focus back to the classic croc.

Maria Menounos promotes-Crocs


Believe me, I’m not excited, but we might just see a whole new wave of comfortable shoe wear, which would make life so much easier!

What do you think?

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Chicago Spring: What to Wear.

Spring is in the air! I’ve already stored my coat and ironed all my skirts in preparation for this day. But lets face it Chicago, we don’t always have the most reliable spring weather, and the wind comes flying pretending it belongs. So as much as we want to put on a mini dress and go running in our pretty new sandals, we should still be ready for some weather. Here are a few tips on how to style for a not-so-warm spring in Chicago:

Tip #1: Always have a scarf or wrap with you that you can throw in your bag if the weather gets better. And you will always look more stylish.

Tip #2: Get out your minis, but don’t forget the tights. Style with a tshirt and parka and you’ll feel like spring.

Tip #3: Wear your rain boots with a midi-dress and light coat. You’ll be captured for best street style no doubt, while keeping your feet warm.

Tip #4: Ripped jeans are still in style, no matter what your mom says. Style them with some colourful flats or pumps and chunky knits and you’ll be warm and cool at the same time.

Tip #5: Wear your florals. You can keep everything else simple and neutral and make those florals pop.

Tip #6: White sneakers will be your staple this season. Style them with denim, skirts or dresses and you’ll be comfy and looking sharp.

Tip #7: Don’t throw your thigh-highs all the way to the back yet! You can perfectly wear them with a skirt leaving just a bit of flesh uncovered for a risquè outfit.

Tip #8: You can’t wait to wear those flares, I know it. Just mix them with a light turtleneck and you’ll be flashing those 70′s vibes every model was this past fashion week.

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Prints For Spring

It’s so great ladies that we are seeing these fresh prints.I love that we see flowly flowers and pastel colors for the spring trends.The first trend that was great to see is “The 70″.The style that been shown is swirls, suede and lots of embellishment.This is definitely one of the biggest trends of the season so get ready to see it every store.The next trend is the “Retro tailoring”a super fitted so that meaning the pant are below the knee.This right people  flares are back get  excited.The next trend that you will be seeing on the racks is the”Old School” this being said preppy and school like.The next trend that is unique and different is “Patchwork”atric prints that are squares of different colors.The next one is the army glad to see this look back but now its updated.The anoraks are huge for fall too.The next trend that you will enjoy is boho for those who like the lightweight easy wear clothes.I found some great spring looks from intermix make sure to check out.Enjoy your prints for the spring!

70′s trends designs-70′s trends designs -Clockwise from top left: Etro, Acne Studio, Paul & Joe, Emilio Pucci

 Retro Tailoring-Clockwise from top left: Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford, Emilio Pucci, Derek Lam

Old School-Clockwise from top left:Gucci, Roland Mouret, Ostwald Helgason, Jil Sander

Patchwork-Clockwise from top left: Prada, DSquared2, Saint Laurent, Tommy Hilfiger

Army-Clockwise from top left: Acne, Victoria Beckham, Sacai, Rag & Bone

Boho- Clockwise from top left: Chloe, Etro, Valentiono, Stella McCartney


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SxSw: Kicking off Festival Street Style

South by Southwest just kicked off the festival season, and as every year, they did it in a very fashionable way. The intersection between art, technology, culture, fashion and music makes for a very interesting mix, and its more than an inspiration for our very own upcoming Lollapalooza, or any other festival you might be attending this summer. We saw crayola coloured hair,  mix-and-match prints, braids, fun shades, and overall great combo of styles to party-up Austin for a week. Here are some of our best dressed (and styled) attendees.


Double Denim

Double Denim

More denim


Braids all around

Neon Braids

Cowboys and Indians

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Dior and I: A New Documentary

Out on cinemas this Friday, the new fashion documentary that’s all about couture, Dior, and a designer’s sensitivity before the magnitude of his creations. It is an all-access pass into a designer’s personal space, and one should take advantage of it. After his very exciting coronation as the new creative director, Raf Simons comes to take over Dior and officiate it into the right direction. This documentary is sole proof that he can do that and more, always hand in hand with a great team. You will see how for each season, every seamstress receives a file folder thick with images and inspirations. Everyone sketches ideas – around 200 for each potential garment. The girls then choose their favourite sketch, which they create for the final runway show (Dazed). This is definitely one of the more realistic and beautifully directed fashion movies so far, and clearly not to be missed!



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Marc By Marc Jacobs No More

For those of us who liked having a bit of luxury at a not-so-high expense, Marc by Marc Jacobs did its part, but now, after 14 years on the market the ready-to-wear line will no longer exist. They will however merge both Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc to join strengths and create an even more powerful line. Katie Hiller and Luella Bartley, the current creative directors of the line have not announced what their plans are for the future, but Jacobs said,  ”it just feels like we aren’t doing that job by showing two different collections with two different messages”.

Their last show for the line did not give out a feeling of goodbye, but it sure did a great job leaving us with a good taste in our mouth. So long Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Photography by Venetia Scott, Styling by Poppy Kain

Read the full story here

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Dolce & Gabbana against the World: IVF Babies

It’s not for us to judge what is right and what is not when it comes to family. But sometimes your own opinions should be a bit more well articulate to avoid conflict. Stefano Gabbana (from Dolcce & Gabbana) said in an interview that he would have a child tomorrow if he could, yet Dolce said he did not feel comfortable with the possibilities gay men had for reproduction, he told Panorama magazine ”You are born and you have a father and a mother,or at least that’s the way it should be, and that’s why I’m not convinced by children from chemistry, synthetic babies, uteruses for rent, semen chosen from a catalogue.”

Elton John, who has two kids of his own conceived through IVF, reproached the designers calling a boycott of the label on Twitter saying: “How dare you refer to my beautiful children as ‘synthetic.And shame on you for wagging your judgemental little fingers at IVF — a miracle that has allowed legions of loving people, both straight and gay, to fulfil their dream of having children. Your archaic thinking is out of step with the times, just like your fashions. I shall never wear Dolce and Gabbana ever again. #BoycottDolceGabbana.” Victoria Beckham, Ricky Martin and Courtney love were amongst the celebrities who united against the designers and their comments. It looks like it might be a harsh season for the designers, but let’s just say, others have done worse and given a second chance. We’ll keep you posted!


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Men’s hats Spring/Summer 2015

This year hats have really brought out a great sense of style.The cool styles you will see is a straw fedoras to a luxe baseball caps hats have slowly crepped their way in back to fashion the last couple of seasons.The appetite of headwear has no chance of slowing down with designers sending a wide variety of new creative styles down the runway.So if you wanna have head cover for the warm weather that is about to arrive or simply wanna introduce a bit of a character to your everyday look then get a hat.Have fun wearing this cool unique hats to add some fun in the sun to your summer outfit.


Topman Charcoal Puritan $32

Ted Baker Dubanke Striped Trim Trilby $52

Marks & Spencer Pure Linen Checked Flat Cap $22

ASOS Bucket Hat In Colour Block $18

Christys’ & Co Carnaby Snap Brim Panama Natural Hat $147

Goorin Ricardo Classic Fedora Hat $55

New Era Cord Camper $48

Topman Charcoal Puritan $33

Borsalino Sisal Straw Fedora Hat  $222