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Lauren Bacall: Hollywood Beauty

In recent news, the world seems a little less brighter with the loss of one of America’s favorite iconic actresses, Lauren Bacall.



Lauren, who was originally named Betty Joan Perske, was most notable for her sultry looks and for being the model who Howard Hawks saw in Harper’s Bazaar and made into the iconic star that she turned out to be today.

Born into a Jewish family in the Bronx, she was a model before she became a Hollywood actress. It was there that she was spotted in a magazine and this resulted in her first movie, To Have and Have Not. Lauren made her acting debut at around 19, and she shook the world by storm with her, unintentional, “look”. It was actually her nervousness that helped her attain that signature pose and, to combat her quivers, she pressed her chin towards her chest and tilted her eyes upward. This not only helped suppress her jitters, but helped to solidify her acting career. She even married her co-star and famous actor, Humphrey Bogart, only a year later after the movie was made.



Lauren then acted in several other films and even performed on Broadway. Her finesse and beauty was what helped her become the successful icon that she became today. So, even though the world will be missing a great star, her legend will still live on through her movies and through her children.

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Oh Baby! Must-haves for the mama-to-be!

This past weekend I got invited to a beautiful baby shower! and I thought, “well, whats a fashion must have for the mama to be!?”….with a little research I came up with 7 MUST-HAVES for the beautiful mommy!

1. Cute Flats or Slip-On Shoes

I’ve been great at standing in heels for long periods of time, but when your belly is a little bigger and your balance feels off, cute flats and slip-on shoes are a must—including some that you can dress up for a night out.

LC Lauren Conrad

2. Flowy Dresses

Since it’s summer, it’s easy to get away with wearing maxi dresses, tunics, and other swingy silhouettes.

ASOS Cami Swing Dress

3. J. Crew Maternity Minnie Pant

Investing in at least one pair of maternity pants is a must! These maternity ‘Minnie’ pants are the Must-Haves for the mommy to be!

J Crew Maternity Minnie

4. Storq Bundle

Storq is a brand new maternity line that specializes in basics. You can order items separately, but for $195 they send you a bundle of all four basics—an LBD, a black pencil skirt, an extra long white tank, and the comfiest leggings you’ve ever worn. They are incredibly soft and comfortable, but sexy and form fitting at the same time. This is a great gift for your fashionable friend who is expecting.

Storq Bundle

5. Pregnancy Pillow

Getting your beauty rest  is a lot harder when you’re expecting.

Pregnancy Pillow

6. All-Natural Lush Facemasks

You always hear about the beautiful glow that pregnant women get. But what they don’t tell you is that changes in hormones can also lead to breakouts and problem skin like you haven’t experienced since you were a teenager…


7. Belly Butter

Stretch marks are one of the less glamorous parts of pregnancy. While some women are just more prone to them than others, keeping your bump moisturized can help to lessen or deter stretch marks.

Mama Bee Belly Butter

I hope this list helps all the gorgeous soon to be moms!




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Summer Style: Concerts & Festivals

What’s Summer without a little bit of sun and a whole lot of fun? Visiting the beach or water parks are always a fan favorite (plus a great swim suit is all you need to look cute!), but attending festivals and concerts are quite popular as well. With Lollapalooza just around the corner, what are some good outfits to wear? Depending on where you’re going, it’s easy to look fashionable and still beat that summer heat. Check out a few of the pieces below that will definitely make you stand out while you rock out.


Free People


This dress is great for any kind of festival. It’s got that perfect bohemian look with the lace and the flowy, bell sleeves. Style this with some ankle or thigh high boots, a long necklace, a fringe purse and you’re set to go! If you’re not digging the hat, try a flower or patterned headband instead.




For a more dressy concert look, go for a bold printed romper – like this one. The tribal print is super eye-catching and the pop of color accessories add flair to the outfit. You can always dress it up with some heels or dress it down with sandals. Plus, you can dance, jump around, or twirl to the music without having to worry about showing off any undergarments.


Urban Outfitters


For those who like to keep it casual, comfy but still cute, this outfit is perfect. A nice, slouchy top and a pair of shorts will always be a classic. Whether the shorts are frayed denim or chiffon like the ones above, it’ll look good without you even having to try.

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Tips to Long Enviable Legs

The Higher The Better 

This one is probably the most obvious, but wearing a heel will always elongate your legs. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to stock your closet full of sky-high, 6-inch heels. Even a 2- or 3-inch lift will give your legs a longer and leaner look.

long legs with heels

Match It 

While there are times when you want to wear a bright pink pump, if you’re looking to elongate your legs you should lean toward neutral shoes that match your skin tone.


When trying to get the look of longer legs, opt for a high-waisted skirt or high-rise jeans. Because these styles create a higher looking waist, you’ll automatically get the illusion of longer looking legs

Bronzed Beauty

A little extra glow will make any set of stems look longer and leaner. Whether it’s rubbing on a bit of highlighter or using a self-tanner, if your legs have that bronzed finish they’ll immediately look a lot longer.

Bonus tip: Also, avoid ankle straps when possible if you’re going to for longer legs. They tend to cut your leg off at the ankle and give you the opposite look you’re going for.


Hope this helps!

XO: Maria Vargas



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Summer Fashion Trend: Kimonos

Summer is always the hottest time of the year and with that, come the hottest fashion trends! This week for our hot must-haves, we’re talking about the kimono. These beautiful pieces are great add-ons to make any outfit, or to layer with to keep it comfy and warm. The great thing about kimonos is, not only do they come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, but they’re perfect to just walk down the street with because of how it’s tailored. Most are fit to be long, made of either chiffon or ornate patterns, and looks gorgeous when the wind hits it the right way.


This kimono from Lulu’s looks super cute with the floral pattern.


Look how elegantly it flows!


Kimonos can add flair to any outfit! Just like this one from Asos.



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A simple trick to drink more water!




I am a huge fan of staying not only beautiful with the latest fashion but as well healthy and fit. I am a HUGE fan of the gym which I am in love with Lifetime Fitness, were I spend at least 60 to 90 minutes on a good workout six days out of the week, which can be anything from cardio to yoga and weight lifting. I believe that anyone can do so much more with fashion when your happy with your weight and body type, but a HUGE trick that people forget is to DRINK WATER, because your body needs it to speed up the metabolism and also to stay young and beautiful.






My goal was to drink at least 3 liters (about 100 ounces) of water a day. So the rule I came up with is that I must drink a liter of water before each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). I have a big 1-liter bottle that I refill to make it easy to keep track.

I start drinking water right when I wake up in the morning and don’t eat breakfast until I’ve finished the first bottle. Since I’m usually pretty hungry when I wake up, this really motivates me to drink that H20. If I want a cup of coffee or tea with my morning meal, that’s OK, as long as I’ve had the water first. I start drinking my second bottle right after breakfast. I make myself finish it before moving onto lunch. And then it’s the same story after lunch—no dinner before the third bottle of water is finished. If I drink all three liters in a day, I also reward myself with a sweet treat like a couple squares of chocolate  (dark) after dinner.

I hope my little trick helps!

XO Maria Vargas




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Man-Up Monday: Measuring Yourself for Online Suits

This could be you… and you don’t even need to get off the couch!


I can confess to my Man-Up Monday readers, right? Well sometimes, I’m shopping online and I forget my measurements, inseam and all. As a fashion student, it’s like going to court and being charged with two counts of “forgetfulness” and four counts of “get your butt back to class.” It “got me thinking,” if women have this issue at times, I’m sure men stumble across it too. Why must you go into the store to have your custom suit? Do you really need the experience every single time? …Or are you the get in and get out type of fellow?

Answer: Be whatever type of shopper “suits” you (Do you get it? Ha!) and still walk away with a great purchase. Men’s Journal has offered you a wonderful at home solution. They explain to you exactly what you need to do in terms measuring your manly body… So, make your online experience an easy one!

What You Need:

1) A basic knowledge of your body and it parts.


2) Flexible measuring tape


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Marvel’s Big Change for Thor

In this world, change is inevitable – not only in fashion, hair, and the likes, but in other aspects as well. This time, we get to see something different! With Marvel’s recent announcement, it’s clear that celebrities aren’t the only ones who get makeovers. The titular comic book character of Thor is now being depicted as a woman!



An inside look in an interview by Time from the writer & editor of the Thor comics tells us that this recent change isn’t to “fulfill a certain quota”. Although it may seem that male super heroes are more readily depicted and fancied, the women of the Marvel world (and in comic books in general) also have a big following. So, though not much can be said about the plot, this change was made to only develop a story line that was already planned in this direction.

But they do mention that, “We see fans of all shapes and sizes and genders in comic stores and at conventions”, so they consciously try to portray characters that reflect the outside world.



Whatever the reasoning, another (female) super hero is always a plus in my book!
What do you guys think?

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