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Stephanie Speak/Top 5 Guilty Pleasures of Teens

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(My teen blogger, Stephanie, shares some of this season’s must-haves for teens…as we know, trends come and go so these are her top 5 she’s observed at her high school!) Teens are always trying to find ways to define their own personal style, but there are a few trends that teens can’t help but mix into their wardrobe. 1. Military …

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Stephanie Speak/Jennifer Hudson:Fit and Fab!

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(All my readers know I’m a big supporter of women who show their beauty in all shapes and sizes but my teen blogger Stephanie reports on the beautiful Jennifer Hudson and her amazing transformation!) Former American Idol castoff Jennifer Hudson is now truly America’s dream girl. After dropping from a size 16 to 4, Hudson is looking and feeling better …

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Stephanie Speak/Brave New Color For A Bright New Year!

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(My teen blogger Stephanie discovered an exciting new color for a bright start to New Year 2011!) The New Year is less than 48 hours away! And many people are feeling like it’s time to refresh their wardrobe; what better way to do it than with the hottest colors for spring 2011. Teenagers have always been fans of bright colors, …

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Stephanie Speak/Thrift Store Chic:Teens’ Hidden Treasures!

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(Teens have turned to thrift shops not only for economical purposes but also to express their creativity and individuality….see what teen blogger Stephanie has to say!) Chicago is home to many secrets and hidden treasures, including its many thrift stores. Thrift stores offer the buyer a unique look into the past. And they’re cheap! Teenagers are always looking for a …

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Stephanie Speak/To Marry Or Not Marry

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(Teen Blogger Stephanie Speaks) . He gets down on knee, pulls a little box out of his pocket, looks you in the eyes and says the words every woman waits to hear her whole life, “Will you marry me?” The eagerness in his eyes pulls at your heart’s strings, and you reluctantly reply, “Eh…no.” Are those words becoming the words …

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Stephanie Speak/Eco-Friendly=So Chic!

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( teen blogger speaks) It takes approximately 42 liters of water to make one pair of jeans. No…YES. Unbelievable, right? In a world where millions of people don’t have clean water drink, you would never think that so much water would be used to make ONE pair of jeans. This is exactly why many designers are taking the extra step …

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Stephanie Speak/My Princess Boy: Big Deal…Not!

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(Here’s my teen blogger’s take on this very public issue!) Boy. Princess. Princess Boy….huh? “Oh, so gay boys,” said one of my friends. The idea of having the words “princess” and “boy” in the same sentence was unthinkable- until now. Seattle mom Cheryl Kilodavis wrote and self-published a children’s book entitled My Princess Boy. Kilodavis has a young son that …

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Stephanie Speak/ Teen Style: Jacket and Jeans

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(teen blogger Stephanie lets us in on what teens are wearing at her school!) Hi everyone! I go by the name of Stephanie. I’m a Chicago high school student, and I will be posting from time to time to keep you updated on fashion trends, celebrity news, and current events popular with teens. I just want to give you a …

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