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Sexy Socks: Street Fashion

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  This winter, even with the warmer weather, women have picked up on the trend of wearing socks in a variety of ways. What looks very sexy is wearing the socks over the knee over panty hose or wearing the look over bare legs. Of course it is still an excellent way to stay warm if the weather dips again.  

Chicago Street Style: Colored Tights

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When you feel the need to spice up your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color with colored tights as opposed to something neutral. It’s a fun, unexpected way to add some color back into your life.

Street Fashion: How to Wear Color Accessories

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We all know that spring is just around the corner  and this season lots of bright colors are happening in fashion. But, Chicagoans are already embracing the trend, wearing a dose of color to cheer them up until spring finally arrives in the Windy City.

Chicago Street Fashion: Earmuffs

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On the coldest days of winter, a hat can be a girl’s best friend. However, hats aren’t always the most flattering option and the tendency to mess up hair already strewn by wind is equally unappealing. So, what’s a Chicago girl to do? Earmuffs. Simple and easy, earmuffs envelop your ears in toasty warmth without compromising your outfit.

Chicago Street Style: Alternative Winter Coats

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Though most of us stick to the traditional black down coat during Chicago winters, some have been braving the brutal winter in bold, unexpectedly colored winter coats in shades ranging from goldenrod yellow to snow white. Ladies, remember just because the weather is miserable, doesn’t mean your fashion has to be.  

Chicago Street Style: Oversized Handbags

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Some days you just need a big handbag. Luckily for you, oversized handbags seem to be making a comeback this season. For those days when it seems as though you’re a nomad, these bags are perfect! The best part? After a week of carrying a bag of this size around, you’ll have a perfect excuse for a massage.

Chicago Street Style: Trapper Hats

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If you’ve been shopping recently or walked around Chicago in the past few weeks, you are sure to have noticed the vast assortment of hats and accessories keeping heads warm. In addition to the cozy and stylish knit headwear (see here), there have been a lot of lumberjacks wandering the windy city wearing trapper hats. While the rustic-chic trend does …

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Chicago Street Style: Knit Hats

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Growing up we’re told that we lose most of our body heat from our heads. So why not stay warm this winter with cozy knit hats and headbands. Available in a wide range of colors, textures and prices, a knit accessory is sure to not only make a fashionable statement but also to keep you warm.