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Barbara Glass: FOX News Consulting, Week 2 – Sparkle and Shine

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  This morning on My FOX Chicago, Barbara Glass continued her weekly on-air fashion consultation segments, this time with help from five adorable young models.  This week’s timely segment was all about back-to-school fashions for young girls.  Glass explains, “This new school season gives girls lots of reasons to dress happy and sparkle as they return to school. It’s all …

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Street Style Thursday: Hollis Sigler Opening, Angel Otero Work Displayed at Chicago Cultural Center

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While I did love the idea of bumping into celebs in Palm Springs at gallery openings, Chicago does provide plenty of glitz and fun also.  Recently I went to the Hollis Sigler opening (Jan 23- March 28) at the Chicago Cultural Center. It was packed with artists, students, art lovers, and people who enjoy free wine along with free admission. …

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Accessory Friday: Gloves, Gloves, Gloves!

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Accessories Are a Must: Gloves Wearing gloves has always been a fashion statement for me.  My mother never left the house without gloves, even if she was just going to lunch with the ladies.  (Of course, she also wore pantyhose in 90° weather because that was her definition of a lady.)  Today gloves are taking on a new twist and …

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NYE 2009: Party at the Elysian Hotel

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The lobby at the beautiful new Elysian in Chicago: It was a girl’s night out for me at the new beautiful Hotel Elysian before joining my husband.  The old rules about staying home if you didn’t have a date were left behind in the last century.  It was all about having fun with your friends, husband or a date.  The …

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MCA: Art to Make You Think

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If you love fashion, you have to follow art as so many designers are influenced by the art world. As I mentioned when I went to the event “First Friday” at the MCA I saw the amazing exhibit called “Italic,” Italian Art between Tradition and Revolution. 1968 – 2008. When you are viewing the exhibit, be sure to notice the work …

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‘Cliche’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art

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It was a cold, cold night in Chicago but it was hot, hot, hot inside the Museum Of Comtemporary Art’s monthly First Fridays event named Cliche. Over 1700 people gathered to hear music from the local DJ’s, nibble on Wolfgang Puck’s appetizers and experience the  iMac G5 digital dating bar among other activities. Of course, being happily married, I was …

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Tiffany Present Revealed

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The time has come!  Time to reveal the prized piece were giving away as part of our Holiday giveaway contest with Tiffany’s.  Watch the video above to find out! Here’s how to Enter:      – First, the contest is only open to my Facebook fans, so if you aren’t a fan, become 1 now!      – Next, leave …

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Jimmy Choo x H&M Contest Winner

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So, our first contest was a HUGE success!  Lots of people entered and I certainly got a kick out of reading all the emails!  I’m happy to announce that the winner of the Jimmy Choo x H&M giveaway contest is, Candice Purnell, a local student from Chicago!  I met up with her outside of H&M the other night to give …

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