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Rings On Your Fingers

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Ring wearing has never left fashion. In today’s fashion, double rings are all the rage. Wearing rings is not only a way to make a fashion statement. Take a look at your hands, see which fingers you tend to wear your rings. Many people are unaware that when you pick a finger to wear a ring on you are communicating …

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Jewelry Trends: Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow

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The 1960′s and 1970′s Bohemian styles are back in fashion for this spring and summer.  Nicole Richie introduced her 1960′s inspired jewelry line back in 2008 at Kitson boutique in Los Angeles, and since then the line has grown to include shoes, bags, and more!  Try some funky bangles, worn above the elbow on the upper arm to define your style.   The …

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Pearls: IN or OUT?

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Celebrities and The Love Of Pearls Pearls have long been the go-to accessory because they are incredibly versatile; worn at   many different lengths, with a variety of colors and materials that you can incorporate into it. Sightings of gorgeous pearl jewelry on celebrities is everywhere and pearls adorn models in many of the Spring/Summer catalogs this year. I must admit …

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Does size matter? Big vs. Small Jewelry Trends

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We’ve all seen it flooding the streets and runways, those big, bulky necklace chains and bangles making more of a statement than clothes themselves! Below is a list of designer pieces to help you decide whether statement jewelry is in or out.  Does size really matter when it comes to accessorizing? Let’s compare. (Left to Right), Nina Ricci thin gold …

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