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Chanel Launches Spa

A day at the spa and a Chanel bag might’ve once been two of my heart’s desires, in two totally different levels and separate with no meeting point whatsoever. However now, it seems like Karl has decided to take the couture house to the next level, a level we never even knew was needed. The Chanel Spa: Chanel au Ritz Paris. Needless to say, it will be inside the Paris luxury hotel, which will reopen later this year.

Coco Chanel at the Ritz

The location is no coincidence, given that Coco herself lived in this hotel for 34 years of her life, having even a room named after her. She moved there in 1930, bringing her furniture with her, ”Just the basics are enough, when tasteful, to make even the most banal room personal.”- Vogue magazine, March 1937-”Mademoiselle Chanel who has been staying at the Ritz for several months is at home with a folding screen and a few flowers.”

There is not much information yet about pricing or spa menu, but there is still a hope that us mortals will be able to book a service and indulge for a day at what will probably be a timeless Paris spot.

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