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Biker Girl’s Hair: How to wear it.

If you’re like me, and are just discovering the unattractive mess your bike can turn you into, after a long morning of making yourself pretty for work, then we both need these tips. It’s not easy to stay stylish and safe, but hey, I rather keep my head than my flair for 30 minutes a day. Yet, we do not need to look awful throughout the day, with a nest on our heads. There are options girls!

Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins will be your friends now. Trust them. They can keep you safe, and now even cool.


Retro Twist

I’m not assuming you’re all hair stylists or anything, but if you manage to make your hair look this good, please let me know how.

Lela Rose - Runway - Spring 2011 MBFW

The Leia Braid is a classy and easy way to make yourself look presentable after a little action.

We might not look as cute as that, but at least a braid will always keep in place. Try a fishtail to make it all better.


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