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Sean Diddy Combs’ Newest Fragrance

Sean Diddy Combs, the amazing entertainer and business mogul has done it again, now launching a fragrance with an almost too-sexy video, featuring his girlfriend/model, Cassie giving the best of herself at 3AM. Interestingly, this video is not all about sex, but about fiery romance and love, Comb has said: “love is the new sexy.” Still, the entire video is not exactly PG13, so a milder version will be premiering in Macy’s at 3AM on May 6th with Diddy himself.
“Fragrance is truly a passion of mine”-says Mr. Combs, ” and I have always said that it is the finishing touch to anyone’s outfit and mood. For my newest scent, 3AM, I have combined the most luxurious ingredients to create a fragrance that draws everyone close to you while washing away your sins. It has both sensual and fresh notes reminiscent of a night that you never want to end. 3AM is at once breathtaking, addictive, and slightly dangerous leaving even the most elegant men and women uninhibited.”

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