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Crocs are Back (were they ever?) in Fashion!

Dame Helen Mirren might be one of the most elegant women in Hollywood. She talks like a queen and she dresses like a British empress. But surprise surprise!, she has a (not no much now) secret love for the ugliest shoe in the market: the Crocs. Thanks to her friends Alan Cumming who started wearing them when she asked, “Alan, how can you be seen dead in those shoes? They’re so awful. He said, ‘Try a pair on, you’ll see.’ She told Jimmy Kimmel on his show this week. “So I found a pair, I tried them on and I’m now a complete addict. I wear Crocs all of the time.”

Helen Mirren on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Tribune called its article this past Friday, and quoted that Crocs sold nearly 30 million pairs last year, accounting for 45 percent of the company’s $1.2 billion in annual sales, with key markets in Europe, Japan, and China. They are restructuring the brand and bringing the focus back to the classic croc.

Maria Menounos promotes-Crocs


Believe me, I’m not excited, but we might just see a whole new wave of comfortable shoe wear, which would make life so much easier!

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