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Chicago Spring: What to Wear.

Spring is in the air! I’ve already stored my coat and ironed all my skirts in preparation for this day. But lets face it Chicago, we don’t always have the most reliable spring weather, and the wind comes flying pretending it belongs. So as much as we want to put on a mini dress and go running in our pretty new sandals, we should still be ready for some weather. Here are a few tips on how to style for a not-so-warm spring in Chicago:

Tip #1: Always have a scarf or wrap with you that you can throw in your bag if the weather gets better. And you will always look more stylish.

Tip #2: Get out your minis, but don’t forget the tights. Style with a tshirt and parka and you’ll feel like spring.

Tip #3: Wear your rain boots with a midi-dress and light coat. You’ll be captured for best street style no doubt, while keeping your feet warm.

Tip #4: Ripped jeans are still in style, no matter what your mom says. Style them with some colourful flats or pumps and chunky knits and you’ll be warm and cool at the same time.

Tip #5: Wear your florals. You can keep everything else simple and neutral and make those florals pop.

Tip #6: White sneakers will be your staple this season. Style them with denim, skirts or dresses and you’ll be comfy and looking sharp.

Tip #7: Don’t throw your thigh-highs all the way to the back yet! You can perfectly wear them with a skirt leaving just a bit of flesh uncovered for a risquè outfit.

Tip #8: You can’t wait to wear those flares, I know it. Just mix them with a light turtleneck and you’ll be flashing those 70′s vibes every model was this past fashion week.

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