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Dior and I: A New Documentary

Out on cinemas this Friday, the new fashion documentary that’s all about couture, Dior, and a designer’s sensitivity before the magnitude of his creations. It is an all-access pass into a designer’s personal space, and one should take advantage of it. After his very exciting coronation as the new creative director, Raf Simons comes to take over Dior and officiate it into the right direction. This documentary is sole proof that he can do that and more, always hand in hand with a great team. You will see how for each season, every seamstress receives a file folder thick with images and inspirations. Everyone sketches ideas – around 200 for each potential garment. The girls then choose their favourite sketch, which they create for the final runway show (Dazed). This is definitely one of the more realistic and beautifully directed fashion movies so far, and clearly not to be missed!



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