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Marc By Marc Jacobs No More

For those of us who liked having a bit of luxury at a not-so-high expense, Marc by Marc Jacobs did its part, but now, after 14 years on the market the ready-to-wear line will no longer exist. They will however merge both Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc to join strengths and create an even more powerful line. Katie Hiller and Luella Bartley, the current creative directors of the line have not announced what their plans are for the future, but Jacobs said,  ”it just feels like we aren’t doing that job by showing two different collections with two different messages”.

Their last show for the line did not give out a feeling of goodbye, but it sure did a great job leaving us with a good taste in our mouth. So long Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Photography by Venetia Scott, Styling by Poppy Kain

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