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America’s New Obsession Apple Watch

Its a product that has been buzzing since the unveiling on monday.It is watch that you can receive calls from and receive emails.This apple watch also has some apps like instagram, twitter, WeChat, Nike+Running just to name a few.The models are available in two sizes, 38 and 42mm; with three collections.The first one is the Apple Watch Sport which ranges in 34 colors with a cost of $349 to $399.The second one is the Apple Watch  with a cost of $549-$1,099.The last one is the Apple Watch Edition you can get it in rose or yellow with 18 karat gold alloys,a Retina display with crystal and choice of straps and bands with 18 karat gold clasps, buckles, or pins.The cost of this one ranges at $10,000 t0 $17,000.A great feature of this watch is it is available in several materials  from leather, rubber, and stainless steel.The case can come in aluminium stainless steel or gold.Some other great features is you can customizable face and set alarms  also you can use as a stopwatch and monitor physical activity.The connecting with people on this watch makes it so cool all you have to do is send a customized vibration pattern which the receiver will feel on the wrist.The apple watch will hit stores on April 24th get exicted everyone!

Apple Watch Sport

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Gold Edition

Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch Edition




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