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Scarf Alternative

A new product that delivers style and warmth, called Nekz, is created in Chicago.  It is a new creative and innovative type of scarf. The design is in plush fleece or faux fur and is compact enough to easily slip in a coat pocket.   Nekz has a patent-pending closure located in the back, so it adjusts easily so it fits snugly around the neck. The brand Nekz comes in a variety of designs such as  animal prints and stylish colors, from cheerful hues to more neutral, traditional patterns.  The designer, Raquel Graham, came up with the concept of Nekz for her children after their chronic complaints about bulky scarves during frigid months, and now has a line for the whole family.  This brand has become widely popular on 45 college campus featuring school spirit colors.  The Nekz are priced at $15 to $35.  At such a reasonable price these great scarf alternatives are available online at www.nekz.com Make sure you check them out. Enjoy!!


Leopard Print Scarf

Head Mock Up Kentucky


Print Design Scarf

Black Scarf

Print Design Scarf

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