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Magical Creations of Bams Moda

These shoes really have a story behind which makes them so interesting it is made of four young entrepreneurs who made a huge hit in the luxury footwear market.If you are looking for something casual and comfortable these would be some beautiful slippers that you could dress up or dress down. A strong emphasis on this collection is Italian flair  so not fabric is unturned or left behind.The great part about this shoe is the variety of textures and the different type of pose a shoe can bring to you.The types of styles presented are a red geometric  shape motif on the ankle boot which makes it creative and unique.It represents a embroidered slippers called Dubai.It is a showing of old middle eastern patterns.Also this brand his buttery soft sliver lace up boots.The brand for this shoe is brilliantly titled rock.This means letting the metallic material do the aww moment.The  best part of these shoes which was lovely to see was they have crocodile and sea snake with some velvet pieces which is so fab to me.To me what is so great about this shoe collection is each shoe has a story about the shoe and what it means and the story behind it.Hope you enjoy fashion peeps xoxoxoxoxo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moon  Raker Shoe 


Rumble Shoe


Ryan bi-material


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