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Normcore: Most Googled Trend of 2014

Google has revealed its “A Year in Search” annual list this Tuesday, where it turns out, the most Googled fashion trend in 2014 was the very puzzling Normcore. I’m sure most people where not googling it to get ideas for outfits but to actually understand what on earth that trend was about. Gap used it in it’s amazingly simple but cool “Dress Normal” campaign, Jerry Seinfeld even became a fashion icon, and jeans and a t-shirt came back to being the trendiest outfit.

The agency K-Hole, which created the name, explained that no one was actually getting it right. It was about “a way of being that prioritizes self-identification over self-differentiation.” Finding a community. But no one really listened and it became what people wanted it to be: dressing simple made cool. Let’s see how long this lasts.

Gap: Dress Normal


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