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Sophie Simmons Launches New Line: Clothing for All Sizes

The 22 year old daughter of Kiss’ Gene Simmons and former model Shannon Tweed has developed a clothing line that is fit for “all sizes” for The Style Club. The clothes are based around a New Year’s Eve theme and feature items such as fun, flirty dresses.  Sophie grew up in front of the cameras while her family’s reality TV show was being filmed, and felt as though her body was always being criticized.  The new clothing line does not discriminate thin and does not discriminate plus size.  Sophie, being a size 8 herself, has difficulty finding clothing that fits properly and is comfortable for her figure.  Another fun plus to the line? Each garment is named after a strong, powerful woman in today’s society or from history.  For example, you can own the “Oprah open back sweater” or pieces for Rosa Parks, Nancy Reagan and even Taylor Swift.  There is truly something for everyone.  The inspiration behind the line is “rocker meets conservative” and is priced from $25 to $115.  Not only do we adore the message, but we adore these clothes! Here are some of our favorites:

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