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Sexiest Man Alive: Chris Hemsworth on People magazine

People magazine announced last friday this year’s sexiest man alive, Chris Hemsworth. Following the steps of previous winners, Adam Levine, George Clooney and Sean Connery, the 31 year-old Australian actor best known for his role as Thor, found the decision to be “pretty funny.” But during the announcement made by Jimmy Kimmel on his live show, he said he had to thank his parents “for putting this together,” and he sure does. His next role will be in Ron Howard’s adaptation of Moby Dick, and we’re pretty excited to watch Mr Hemsworth let his shirt off while at sea.

chris hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth Sexiest Man Alive 2014

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

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You can  watch Jimmy Kimmel’s announcement here:

Jimmy Kimmel Anounces Sexiest Man Alive

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