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Girl Power: CoverGirl Ad Empowers Women

In today’s society, we often hear the phrase “like a girl” attached to a verb…. but what does that really mean? Is doing something “like a girl” a negative way to do it? The answer is absolutely not! A few of our favorite female celebrities have teamed up with CoverGirl to send out a message worth hearing to women and girls of all ages.  These glamorous gals explain how they were told they couldn’t do what they truly wanted to do, but proved all doubts wrong.  Each woman is identified in her signature look. For example, we see Janelle Monae in her classic, tuxedo inspired ensemble with her “snood-like” up-do, and Ellen DeGeneres in her simple, chic pants-suit.  This is a powerful ad featuring women of all different backgrounds and careers who have turned CAN’T into CAN.  Girls can play ice hockey, own business, run the show, rap, dance crazy, be strong, be funny and rock… just to name a few!  When girls stay true to their passion and break down barriers, they make this world a little more “easy, breezy and beautiful.”  Go show the world what you’re made of!


Click Here to Watch the Ad!


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