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Target’s Latest Collaboration: Welcome, Toms!

Starting November 16th, a limited edition collection from TOMS will be sold in store at Target locations and online.  Founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, TOMS has always had a positive reputation from it’s “one for one” method; buy a pair of TOMS, and the company will give a pair to a child in need.  Since the start of their mission, they have given over 35 million pairs of shoes to those in need.  These canvas shoes and the recognizable blue-stripe logo is now at home in most of our wardrobes.  The company’s expansion with Target will follow the same routine.  The exclusive collection will include home decor, clothing and shoes for men, women and children. Prices are kept in a very reasonable range, varying from $12-$50.  TOMS “one for one” promise is kept in three ways, as different products have different items to be given back.  These options include blankets, meals and the famous TOMS shoes.  It seems as though TOMS has always been in style, and we can’t wait to see this charitable fashion statement at our local Target.

Head to×96 to check out the collection early.

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