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Oh Baby! Must-haves for the mama-to-be!

This past weekend I got invited to a beautiful baby shower! and I thought, “well, whats a fashion must have for the mama to be!?”….with a little research I came up with 7 MUST-HAVES for the beautiful mommy!

1. Cute Flats or Slip-On Shoes

I’ve been great at standing in heels for long periods of time, but when your belly is a little bigger and your balance feels off, cute flats and slip-on shoes are a must—including some that you can dress up for a night out.

LC Lauren Conrad

2. Flowy Dresses

Since it’s summer, it’s easy to get away with wearing maxi dresses, tunics, and other swingy silhouettes.

ASOS Cami Swing Dress

3. J. Crew Maternity Minnie Pant

Investing in at least one pair of maternity pants is a must! These maternity ‘Minnie’ pants are the Must-Haves for the mommy to be!

J Crew Maternity Minnie

4. Storq Bundle

Storq is a brand new maternity line that specializes in basics. You can order items separately, but for $195 they send you a bundle of all four basics—an LBD, a black pencil skirt, an extra long white tank, and the comfiest leggings you’ve ever worn. They are incredibly soft and comfortable, but sexy and form fitting at the same time. This is a great gift for your fashionable friend who is expecting.

Storq Bundle

5. Pregnancy Pillow

Getting your beauty rest  is a lot harder when you’re expecting.

Pregnancy Pillow

6. All-Natural Lush Facemasks

You always hear about the beautiful glow that pregnant women get. But what they don’t tell you is that changes in hormones can also lead to breakouts and problem skin like you haven’t experienced since you were a teenager…


7. Belly Butter

Stretch marks are one of the less glamorous parts of pregnancy. While some women are just more prone to them than others, keeping your bump moisturized can help to lessen or deter stretch marks.

Mama Bee Belly Butter

I hope this list helps all the gorgeous soon to be moms!




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