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Summer Fashion Trend: Kimonos

Summer is always the hottest time of the year and with that, come the hottest fashion trends! This week for our hot must-haves, we’re talking about the kimono. These beautiful pieces are great add-ons to make any outfit, or to layer with to keep it comfy and warm. The great thing about kimonos is, not only do they come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, but they’re perfect to just walk down the street with because of how it’s tailored. Most are fit to be long, made of either chiffon or ornate patterns, and looks gorgeous when the wind hits it the right way.


This kimono from Lulu’s looks super cute with the floral pattern.


Look how elegantly it flows!


Kimonos can add flair to any outfit! Just like this one from Asos.



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