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Apps: Fashion and Shopping

Fashion is a lifestyle… Why not incorporate it in your phone?

We have become a society dependent upon technology, why not mix a bit of tech-savvy behavior and fashion together? Apple and Android lovers/ clothing connoisseurs rejoice, because the apps are coming… No, wait! The apps are here! We’ve chosen our top 5 free and/or worth the purchase phone apps:


1. Lookbook

Inspiration is a scroll away!

People all around the globe participate in taking “outfit of the day” pictures and providing inspiration for u all!


2. The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary

What is the difference between rayon and polyester?

This app is a dictionary that breaks down anything fashion related! Do you need the definition for the different types of collars? How about in explanation on clothing labels? Retail store history? They’ve got the answer.


3. The Hunt

*gasp* Where did she get that top?!

You post a picture of an article of clothing, and The Hunt community will tell you just where to find it!


4. Stylebook

What did I say I was wearing on Friday?

This is by far my favorite pick! It has too many features to name them all. Therefore, the best will be listed!

  • Take pictures of your own clothes individually
  • Using these pictures; plan your outfits out!
  • Create packing lists
  • Shop by mobile
  • Share your style


5. Keep Shopping

All in one!

Everything you see on this app is for sale! You can also create collections for pieces you aren’t quite ready to buy!


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