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Mary Arnett
“So far, the conservative pumps have been the biggest sellers” – Mary Arnett



This week I bring you a very interesting blog post! You know how many of us women hate to walk on a quiet hallway with heels because, you feel like the sound of the clickety-clack could be heard all the way from the other side of the building?  Well I bring you a  shoe created by Mary Arnett; she founded “Ssh-oes” which it silences the sound on the heels when walking. The series of high heels actually feature the brand’s patented noise reducing heel tip that works as a shock-absorber, with a rubber compound found in washing machines and also dish washers to reduce the sound. Arnett has partnered with e-tailers such as to hold sales. The amazing shoes retail for $70 to $80, and the shoes are available for immediate delivery.

Charlotte Black



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