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America’s Next Top Model: Guys and Girls

After 20 cycles, the CW network has finally agreed that America’s Next Top Model is ready to  open the doors to some male models as well!  This is the first season that male and female models are going to  be living in the same house, all competing for one common goal, to become America’s next top model!  Not only will they be living in the same house, both the male and female models will be participating in photo  shoots together, which makes the competition that much more intense. When the CW network was first asked why they hadn’t done this before, they simply answered by saying; “We were worried to tinker with something that was already working so well.” I believe that having male and female models all in one house will make for good TV.  It will be interesting to watch every fashionable turn of events that happen throughout the season!


Post By: Brittany Hinrichs



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