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Made in China

When anyone knows that something is made in China they just assume that not as much care or quality was put into it. The Wall Street Journal would argue differently.  If that were the case, Hermes, the luxury French brand, would not trust their product to be made in China. This is a new venture for the company, and they are determined to show that even though something is made in China, it can have just as good craftsmanship as a product made elsewhere. Ms. Jiang, who was trained in design at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and formerly worked as a window dresser for Hermès, oversees Shiang Xia’s collections, founded her own shoe line, Mary Ching, which is 100% designed and made in China. It is her mission to change forever the perception that people have with “made in China”. Just like her, other Chinese designers such as; Uma Wang, Septwolves menswear, the jewelry brand Qeelin, and Bosideng, are all on a mission to change the Chinese fashion industry for the good! China has larger luxury market that even now, it steadily growing. Everyone in this market had Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada, because they are not made in China, but with these recent designers, it’s time for China to go back to its roots and make a name for itself in the luxury fashion industry. 

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