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Cheap Chic: Shoes under $100

We all love shoes, sometimes a little too much, but most of the time we don’t love the price. No matter what stage you are in life, we are all looking for a great deal. Thanks to some of our favorite retailers, such as Khols, JcPenny, and Macys, shoes are not only stylish they are oh so affordable!  All of our favorite trends can be found for under $100! Can you even believe it!



This gorgeous pair of t-strap heels are part of the Olsenboye collection at JcPenny. Not only, would they be perfect with your favorite flowy dress, the price can’t be beat! At only $24 dollars these shoe are a must have in every girls closet.



Stripes are everywhere this season, so why not put them on your shoes! A stripped pointed toe shoe with a hot pink heel is a nice flair to a plain pair jeans and T-shirt look, fabulous for that weekend full of errands. These can be found at Macys for only $79, so why not just say yes to the shoe!

Simply Vera by Vera Wang


If anyone has been keeping up  on all of the fall fashion shows in Paris this week you will know that this pair of metallic beauties will have a safe home in your closet until at least next summer! Silver was all over the runway, and leave it to Vera Wang to come up with something this amazing! What’s even better is that you can’t miss the price, these shoes are part of her less expensive line at Khols so they are only $30!



The suede, the studs, the color! I cannot get enough of these shoes! They are made by the company Call it Spring but can be found at other retailers such as JcPennys, and let me tell you these would be worth your money over and over again! This color is great for spring and summer and with the studded detail they would really add a little bit of spring into anyones step! The price doesn’t hurt either, at only $60, these will pay for themselves due to how much use you will get out of them!


Post by: Brittany Hinrichs


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