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The Little Black Dress

The essential wardrobe pice, the little black dress! If you are like me, your first initial thought is wow–I have so many black dresses I really do not need another. However, recently I went through the wardrobe and found that I only had 2 left, and they were both outdated and never worn. Therefore, I recently went on the prowl to find new LBDs to keep my wardrobe complete. Naturally I went to one of my favorite stores: Topshop, so all the inspirations are from there–enjoy!

This one from Topshop is absolutely adorable. The cute bow at the waist adds cuteness and style to the overall look. The tulle underneath also helps add a playful vibe to this adorable dress.

This wrap dress from Topshop may look boring to you, but it helps you out in all the right ways! The scrunched waist helps build a slender shape and the long sleeves can keep your arms covered for more formal occasions! In order to make this pop, add a jacket with pizazz!

Next, look at this beaded beauty! This dress has a detailed neckline, but still falls under the LBD category. If you found that your closet is full of boring black dresses, then this one is perfect for something new and shiny!

Post Written By: Colleen Dye

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