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The Powerful Pantsuit


This past fall many designers dressed models in perfectly trimmed pantsuits, making a statement of empowered women. For this coming spring, the pant suit is back! Nothing says chic and prestige quite like the woman pantsuit, so check out the styles below for some inspiration.

Prada, the Italian fashion label that all women die for, made the pantsuit cool again. Above you see a very patterned design that could almost make you dizzy! If this is too much for you every day-to-day wear, then try picking a less wild print. However, always be sure to finish you look with accessories that command attention.



Louis Vuitton, this French fashion house has always put out winners from their beautifully crafted handbags to their soft sweet yet intense collection. Above is an elegant and stylish twist on the modern pantsuit. With the soft palette of colors to the large statement buttons, this pantsuit is clean, exclusive, and superior!



Balmain, another French house of fashion, put out this black and white pantsuit. This one is perfect for the upcoming spring trends, because the dramatic clash between black and white will be seen everywhere from college campuses to exclusive dinner parties! Try a black and white pantsuit in order to connect all trends of spring 2013.


Post Written By: Colleen Dye

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