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Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel


Diana Vreeland, deemed the Empress of Fashion, and the first Devil Wears Prada, was an inspiration in the past, and will certainly be an influence on the future of fashion. Her name is one that all fashionistas should know. She took the world of fashion and created art. “You don’t have to be born beautiful, to be wildly attractive”–Diana Vreeland.



Vreeland was first noticed by Carmel Snow, the esteemed editor of the famous Harper’s Bazaar. Snow recognized Diana from across the room at a party due to her eccentric yet chic style. Vreeland started her career at Harper’s Bazaar, where she remained for 25 years, and continued to press the boundaries and limits of the fashion industry.


Diana was the first to celebrate imperfections in models. She brought diversity to the photo spreads and made clothes and fashion appealing to all women. Her glory years were during the 1960s when she accepted the job as Editor-in-chief at Vogue. During her time at Vogue, Diana was able to create a whole new image for the magazine, that truly was the foundation for Vogue’s reputation today. Vreeland worked well into her 70s ending her career at the Costume Institute, where she often switched fiction with fact on historical events, and was praised for it.



Therefore, if you want to be a well-versed fashionista, or you simple wish to be inspired by this enchanting story and woman, then go see “Diana Veerland: The Eye Has To Travel”.  Barbara Glass herself said this about the film, “It is not to be missed if you love fashion”.

The documentary will play 7 shows between January 18th and January 24th here in Chicago at the Gene Siskel Film Center. Check the website for specific times and tickets! 


Post Written By: Colleen Dye 

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