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Glimpse at Florida Fashion

Naples, FL

This week I had the great opportunity to slip away for a few days to Naples, Florida. The sunny weather was a fresh twist from Chicago’s chilly winds. With the warm weather, the locals reflected their personal style. Ready for anything, layering was the main theme, with light cardigans, flowy tops, and summer hats. Bright colors are still going strong in Florida, speaking of the beachy lifestyle that accompanies the Gulf.

Naples Fashion Boutique
Fashion boutiques were all over town, filled with breezy outfits.


Summer Hats
Hats in every shape are very popular. Keeping your skin safe from the sun is important in a region where there are so many sunny days.


Scale Dress
Nothing like a sea-inspired dress to go out into the Florida nightlife.


Male Fashion
Male Fashion: Colored pants and a neutral shirt that bursts into color.


Fashion Dr.
Blogger Thelma A., reporting from Fashion Dr.


Post Written By: Thelma Arevalo

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