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Men In Skirts

Every so often, we see a daring and unconventional fashion statement from men! In the 1990’s Kurt Cobain would wear dresses on stage, and more recently big names such as Marc Jacobs and Kanye West have been seen spotting a rather feminine outfit. Remember women took the tuxedo jacket, boyfriend jeans, and blazers from the male sex and turned it into something of their own, but the real question is can men do that with skirts?



Marc Jacobs has been leading the way with men in skirts, purposely having his models flaunt their leg on the runway in this fashion statement. However, he often goes one step further by wearing some of his designs himself. Deemed one of Time Magazine’s list of 100 most influential people, does Mr. Jacobs have what it takes to influence you?



Kanye West has always been the celebrity with style and a flair for drama, so it is no wonder he decided to done this lovely Givenchy skirt on his Watch the Throne tour. This shows that the skirt trend is not for all high fashion gay clothing designers, no matter how fabulous they may be, but also extends to even the rap world!



Finally, California native and garment industry expert,  Rick Owens is also known for sporting this trend. Owens often wears skirts and completes this relaxed California look with a twist of high fashion. Therefore, the moment has come, what do you think about men in skirts, and more specifically are these three men above rocking this statement?

Post Written By: Colleen Dye

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