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Eco-Friendly Fendi

Ilaria Fendi

Ilaria Venturini Fendi, whose grandparents founded Fendi in 1925, is using her position as an heiress to impact the world in a positive way. Inspired by the organic feel of her Italian farm, Ilaria has created an accessories branch named Carmina Campus. The materials used to manufacture these accessories consist of recycled items, unused swatches, and many other things that, by some others, would just be considered “trash”. Furthermore, she has taken much of her production to Africa so as boost communities by creating new jobs. The result is a fabulous fashion piece that you can truly feel good about.

"Dragon Bag"
“Dragon Bag”: organic cotton threads mixed with plastic taken from garbage bags.


"Switch Bag"
“Switch Bag”: made with light cover plates, vintage belts, and vintage necklaces.


Carmina Campus collaboration with Italian car-maker MINI. Bags are made of leftover material from the MINI Roadster.


Carmina Campus necklace
Carmina Campus necklace made of keys.


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