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Watches: A Timeless Accessory

With today’s fast paced world, it is easy to forget one of the chicest accessory around: watches. Watches have been around since 15th century Europe, making them a timeless classic. Sure you can check the time on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, but think of how beautiful the Bulgari Serpenti frames your wrist with a cluster of gorgeous diamonds, and stunning beauty of craftsmanship!

The Serpenti Watch by Bulgari 

If you want to go for a more classic watch, Michael Kors has taken over the industry for watches, and for good reason. Michael Kors has struck gold with his line of stainless steal, gold, rose gold, and tortoise watches. All watches are high quality, but also reasonably priced, making them a must have for the 20-something fashionista. This fall, the two tone watches seem to be popping up on everyone’s wrists. Prices range anywhere from $250.00 to $550.00, so go to Michael Kors in order to fall in order with this timeless trend!

Michael Kors Silver Color/Golden Stainless Steel Runway Chronograph Watch

If you have a little more money to spend, and find Rolex to be too mainstream, then look no further that Gucci Timeless. 40 years ago, Guicci was one of the first brands to pioneer the luxury watch. In order to celebrate this anniversary, creative director, Friday Gianni, decided to add a bamboo range of watches to the Guicci collection. Each piece is handcrafted, and offers a unique twist on a signature piece. If you want to stand out in a crowd be sure to pick up this one of a kind watch, for just shy of $1,000.

Bamboo Range of the Guicci Watch Collection 



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