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Nicki Minaj Launches her First Fragrance

Multi-platinum recording artist Nicki Minaj celebrated the launch of her fragrance, Pink Friday, with a personal appearance at Macy’s Herald Square in NYC, where she meet with 300 lucky fans on Monday, September 24, 2012. But Nicki couldn’t do it alone, she partnered with Elizabeth Arden, a global prestige beauty products company who helped her fragrance come to life.

A natural progression in her blossoming beauty empire, Pink Friday captures her vivacious personality and effervescence in both its intoxicating notes and thrilling presentation. The fragrance mixes complementary playful and sultry notes of juicy fruits, creamy vanilla and sensual musks to create an exhilarating scent that ignites beyond the senses.

“It has truly been a privilege to work with Nicki throughout the evolution of Pink Friday,” said Noreen Dodge, Global Marketing & Creative Development.  “She is a ‘creative’ in every sense of the word and brings a level of passion to the project that inspires us with every detail.  She is an amazing woman: a high achiever who holds herself to a standard that will allow the brand to make its own brilliant mark in the beauty category.  There have been no boundaries in making the decisions surrounding the launch of Pink Friday, and that impact will prove phenomenal for the brand.”

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