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Chicago Street Fashion: Jackets

With the weather cooling down people are starting to layer up. It’s not quite time to pull out your winter coat, but jackets and blazers are definitely making an appearance on the streets.

Jean Jackets All Around

Jean Jackets all around. The jean on jean look is a classic that can be pulled off with ease and works for both men and women. You can spice it up with a fun shirt underneath or by pinning buttons right on the jacket.

Edgy Yellow Zip-Up Jacket

This edgy yellow zip-up from Akira is a great pop of color with jeans or any other pants. A simple outfit can change style in a snap with an eye-catching jacket on top.

Black Blazer

Play up your fun patterns and color schemes, and then top it all off with a classic black blazer. Blazers are one of the easiest ways to class up any outfit.

Blue Three Quarter Sleeve Jacket

A three-quarter sleeve jacket is perfect for those days when it’s cool in the morning and evening, but mid day you just don’t want those long sleeves heating you up. You can easily cool off and warm up with such a versatile and fashionable jacket.

Post and photos by Laurel Hauge

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