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Neiman Marcus ‘Art of Fashion’

Over 20 years ago, Neiman Marcus created a campaign which would celebrate the exquisite creation that derives from fashion and photography = art. The “Art of Fashion”, as it is known, will take on a fresh look as the youngest photographer to shoot the campaign, Erik Madigan Heck, takes on the project. NM ViceĀ PresidentĀ has described Erik as a “creative visionary” that “blurs the lines between photography and art” (WWD). Unlike last year, where actress Drew Barrymore was chosen as the face of the “Art of Fashion”, this year the clothes will speak for themselves. The collection of photographs will be published in book form this September, making it a must-have for collectors of all things beautiful.

The "Art of Fashion" Fall 2012 Campaign - Alexander Mcqueen
Campaign Picture #1 featuring Alexander Mcqueen


The "Art of Fashion" Fall 2012 Campaign - Akris
Campaign Picture #2 featuring Akris


The "Art of Fashion" Fall 2012 Campaign - Tom Ford
Campaign Picture #3 featuring Tom Ford



Watch last year’s video, which emanates a passion for beauty.


Post Written By: Thelma Arevalo

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