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Bottomless Closet: Fashion for a Cause



Every day we make a conscious decision about how we want to portray ourselves through our sartorial choices. The way we dress inevitably makes a statement about who we are. Our attire is especially important when it comes to more formal occassions, such as a job interview, when a professional outfit can enable you to present yourself at your very best.  But what if you don’t have the money to buy that essential business suit? What if you have to make a choice between buying groceries that week, or having something appropriate to wear for an employment meeting? Women who are struggling financially often face this difficult dilemma. That’s where Bottomlses Closet, a non-profit organization, comes in.


Bottomless Closet Incorporated was founded in 1991 by 5 Chicago-based business women who recognized the need for appropriate and good-quality business attire for women struggling financially.  The organization’s mission, according to bottomlesscloset.org, is “to elevate the employment potential and marketability of women welfare recipients who want to work. It will provide clothing, at no charge, to women on assistance who don’t have suitable clothing to wear to a job interview.”


Not only accepting lightly used business attire in good condition, Bottomless Closet also seeks unopened cosmetics/hosiery, purses, jewelery, and appropriate shoes.  This is a fantastic cause that allows women on welfare the opportunity to tell the world that they are ready for their professional life in every way.  If you or someone you know is interested in donating and helping a deserving Chicago woman, log on to Bottomlesscloset.org and find a donation date and location that works best for you!

Written by Madison Mayster

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