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Chicago Street Fashion:Tights

Transitioning from season to season flawlessly is all about taking something from the previous weather and mixing it with what’s to come. My personal favorite way to transition into colder months is with tights. Patterened and colored tights are a huge trend right now and Chicagoans are taking notice. Not only are there different patterned tights but there are bright colored ones and even ones with printed images on them! Interesting legwear is so versatile and adds another level of depth to any outfit.

This Chicago mom paired striped-patterned tights with knee high military boots and a simple cowl neck sweater dress. I think that this outfit looks put together and chic, perfect for a day of errands and running around the city. Although the tights are patterned the rest of her outfit is relatively plain which really helps the tights pop.

Another way to wear tights is by choosing a non-patterned style and pairing it with a busier outfit. Just like the last picture this Chicagoan is wearing military boots and tights, however she is also wearing a bright red plaid skirt which would clash with a patterned tight. Instead she goes with a classic pair of black tights that I think look great with this outfit.

Monochoromatic is also one way to go when deciding on what to pair tights with. This Chicagoan is wearing a red dress, tights and shoes paired with a khaki jacket. Personally, I do not like wearing a monochromatic outfit when there are this many pieces involved. The red tights are great tights, when worn with the right oufit. Brightly colored tights always look great with a pair of black shorts or a black dress!

These are some of my favorite tights that I have seen. The sheer black tights with white X’s printed on them are a fun and easily worn patterned tight. I especially like how she wore mostly black and only added a touch of white with her sweater. It is important to understand where you want the focal point of your outfit to lie. Too many focal points can make for a disaster of an outfit, but one or two tops can really make a great look.

These tights are the classic black lace tights with a twist, bigger print. I think that every girl should own a pair of patterned, colored or lace tights to wear when they are feeling a little wild. Of course patterned tights started out with fishnets in the cabarets but now-a-days they are all over the place with all different types of prints and colors. Just remember when wearing them to pair them with a simpler outfit!

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