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Diana Vreeland Documentary: The Eye Has to Travel

Director/Author Lisa Immorodino Vreeland + me

It is always fun to meet personalities and get to shmooz with them and ask questions. Enjoyed meeting the director/filmmaker and author, Lisa Immordino Vreeland at Barneys this weekend. I know that there isn’t a person who follows and embraces fashion, like me, that doesn’t know the name Diana Vreeland, formerly of Bazaar, Vogue and later the Metropolitan Museum in NY. Of course I am lucky enough to own the vintage book Allure by Ms. Vreeland & the source for the movie & book title called “The Eye Must Travel” which is a quote of hers from that very book.  Lucky for us, If you didn’t get to see the movie at the Chicago Film Festival, Ms Immordino Vreeland tells me that the movie will be aired in theaters in May 2012. Don’t miss it as it is indeed a very special behind the scenes look at the fashion world from the past. Don’t you just love DV’s jewelry?!!

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