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What Were They Thinking?! VMA’s Addition

Shalomba ya’ll! So we all know that the VMA’s have grown to stand for artistic freedom and the music that it is involved in it, but what is up with all the wacky fashions? From Nicki Minaj to Kreayshawn, I didn’t know if I should smash my TV screen or just give up on life all together. Who even knows who, or what, Minaj was wearing. She wore everything except the kitchen sink! Wait I take that back, SHE DID! Miley…Miley just looks dazed and confused. And Kreayshawn, even though she is the new loveable breakout female rapper on the block, I still don’t get her Disney channel frumpy frock with the sneakers. I know its hard, but JUST SAY NO!

come here…a little closer….

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