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What Were They Thinking?: Harper’s Has the Blues


Check out Smurfette doing her thing in the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar! This is incredibly funny, and totally cute, but what were they thinking??? Haha! I DIED laughing when I saw this! It’s like just hilarious! To coincide with the release of the new action-packed Smurf’s movie, Harper’s has Smurfette in all the latest trends, including the intergalactic trends we commented on this Monday! Check out Smurfette above in Marc Jacobs! Loving the socks with the pumps! How do you feel about Smurfette accessorizing her iconic white sheath???

-Josh Kali

Smurfette dancing in Dolce

Lovely in Lanvin

Lookin’ all kinds of shoom in Vuitton!

but for realsies?

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