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Stephanie Speak/How Do You Wear Your Toms?

(My teen blogger, Stephanie, introduced me to Toms..check out what this company is all about and you too can show your swag with great fashion shoes and give back at the same time!)b&w fashion-1.jpg

Toms shoes are becoming more and more popular as the days go by. Toms was just started in 2006 and has flourished into a company that I think should be the model for other companies. This company advocates for conscious consumerism and giving to those in need; for every pair of shoes bought, a pair of shoes will be given to a shoeless child in a developing country. Too many children are developing diseases from things that they are stepping on, and Toms is doing something about it. As of September 2010, Toms had given over one million pairs of shoes. Next week, on April 5th, is One Day Without Shoes. Don’t wear shoes to experience how children in developing countries are living, and to show your support of the Toms One for One movement. It’s a fun and easy way to inspire change in your community! I plan on participating and I’m in the process of starting a Toms Campus Club with my friend Claritza. We are having fun making difference, you can too. Visit toms.com to see what you can do! Check out the pictures of the kids in my school showing their support!

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