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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Best and Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2011

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The red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards tonight was red hot. There were many actors taking home awards not only from the stage but also from the best and worst dressed. Natalie Portman looked lovely even with her growing baby bump in white. Hilary Swank in her nude, one shouldered gown looked glamorous as ever. Another one of …

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Stephanie Speak/Top 5 Guilty Pleasures of Teens

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(My teen blogger, Stephanie, shares some of this season’s must-haves for teens…as we know, trends come and go so these are her top 5 she’s observed at her high school!) Teens are always trying to find ways to define their own personal style, but there are a few trends that teens can’t help but mix into their wardrobe. 1. Military …

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Trapper Hat : In or Out?

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      Recently, the New York Times gave a list of top ten trends from 2010 that they wanted to go away. One of the trends on their list was the Trapper Hat. Living in Chicago, I see them everywhere. I personally love them and will not go outside without mine. Wheather it’s faux fur or real fur, everyone claims this accessory …

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In or Out: Hair Extensions and Wigs

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I am so tired of women torturing themselves for hours at salons to have their hair bleached, straightened then teased and curled. Stars these days are even using fake hair to enhance their already beautiful manes. What happened to au natural? It was so refreshing to see some of the celebs at the Golden Globe Awards with simple elegant hair, …

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Spring 2011 Fashion: Gucci

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  “I pushed the accelerater on the provocation,” Frida Giannini stated. As the creative director for Gucci, Giannini sported a Spring 2011 collection that caught everyone’s attention. Gucci is most well known for their handbags and bringing the glamour to fashion. With slicked back hair, red glossy lips, and bright vibrant colors, Giannini is crediting the late-seventies for her bold color palette, according …

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Kim Kardashian: Skechers Super Bowl Ad

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  While most of you are busy watching the Super Bowl, the other part of the population will be looking forward to all of the ads in between the game! The Super Bowl is the perfect time to get people’s attention while people are really glued to their T.V.’s. In that case, it only makes sense that Skechers would have Kim Kardashian, one …

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Michelle Obama: Lady In Red

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Photograph by: Jim Young, Reuters First Lady Michelle Obama looked fabulous as she and President Obama welcomed Chinese President Hu Jintao to a state dinner at the White House on Wednesday. The red dress was a perfect choice as the color symbolizes joy and good luck in traditional Chinese culture.  Also, important to note, the red silk organza gown designed by Sarah …

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Stephanie Speak/Jennifer Hudson:Fit and Fab!

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(All my readers know I’m a big supporter of women who show their beauty in all shapes and sizes but my teen blogger Stephanie reports on the beautiful Jennifer Hudson and her amazing transformation!) Former American Idol castoff Jennifer Hudson is now truly America’s dream girl. After dropping from a size 16 to 4, Hudson is looking and feeling better …

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Sports Illustrated Cover : Jay Cutler

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    We all know all you guys (and women too) look forward to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Well, we in Chicago are celebrating something better. It’s Jay Cutler, the quarterback for the Bears, who made it on the cover for Sports Illustrated this week! Hopefully the Bears will be the team that brings it on home and goes to the Superbowl. (Knock on wood)  Everyone …

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