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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Betsey Johnson’s New Look

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Big changes are coming to Betsey Johnson, LLC, and they have already hit the website!  Betsey’s new site features a larger online store, and even a Head 2 Toe section of the website with assembled looks.  Recently, the designer brand appointed a new CEO, Susan Faulk, who plans to adjust Betsey’s look.  Steve Madden, Ltd has also stepped in with …

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New York Times Names Alexa Chung Fashions New “IT” Girl

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British and American television host, model, designer, and style maven are just the stepping stones in Alexa Chung’s career. She has become a pop culture phenomenon by just being herself and everyone loves it! You may have seen her on the covers of many UK fashion, music and pop magazines, but she has also taken NYC by storm. The fashion …

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Lola Talk/Giving Thanks On Thanksgiving

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(Teen Blogger Lola Talks…it makes me feel good to hear a teen give thanks and even include her mom!)) Yo, it’s Lo and right now it is Thanksgiving! I just got back from my grandma’s and I’m stuffed. I’m thankful for my banana (crazy) family. And it really gave me the opportunity to look back and realize who I am …

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Stephanie Speak/To Marry Or Not Marry

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(Teen Blogger Stephanie Speaks) . He gets down on knee, pulls a little box out of his pocket, looks you in the eyes and says the words every woman waits to hear her whole life, “Will you marry me?” The eagerness in his eyes pulls at your heart’s strings, and you reluctantly reply, “Eh…no.” Are those words becoming the words …

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Street Fashion: Coats to Keep Cozy

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  Staying warm in the ever changing Chicago weather is indeed a challenge, my favorite way to stay warm? I love wearing a bulky sweater coat with a great print scarf around my neck, adding a belt helps keep it snug and cozy, as well as, gives me a waistline. Yes, I am always cold so I adore wearing layers. …

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Hunter Rain Boots: “IN or OUT?”

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Hunter rain boots have been around since 1817, and are still around today.  Of course they have adapted a little, designers have taken part in pairing with Hunter creating Jimmy Choo rainboots, and the colors keep getting more extravagant.  But, I think we are all getting a little bored of seeing a sea of Hunter boots on a rainy or …

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Holiday Must Haves: Glitz and Accessories!

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This Holiday Season is all about the Shimmer and Shine! Bright colors and metallic jackets are stand out pieces for Holiday parties. Even if you are someone who believes less is more, there are some great textured pieces for you! If you are determined to stick with all black, add a lace top or velvet blazer. If you really want …

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Does size matter? Big vs. Small Jewelry Trends

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We’ve all seen it flooding the streets and runways, those big, bulky necklace chains and bangles making more of a statement than clothes themselves! Below is a list of designer pieces to help you decide whether statement jewelry is in or out.  Does size really matter when it comes to accessorizing? Let’s compare. (Left to Right), Nina Ricci thin gold …

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LolaTalk/ Hat Creations By Teens!

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(A word from our teen blogger) Me (my mom likes this pic!) Yo, it’s Lo, and this week I went back to Gallery 37. We are finally finishing up our first hats! We first started out by shaping the hats, and then we went to Michaels and got the perfect supplies to decorate our hats, not as easy as it …

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Stephanie Speak/Eco-Friendly=So Chic!

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( teen blogger speaks) It takes approximately 42 liters of water to make one pair of jeans. No…YES. Unbelievable, right? In a world where millions of people don’t have clean water drink, you would never think that so much water would be used to make ONE pair of jeans. This is exactly why many designers are taking the extra step …

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