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“Perfect is Perfectly Boring”: Dove Promises!

DoVe Feature.png
*Remind yourself that it’s okay not to be perfect.
*Call a friend and set a date to get together.
*Protect your solitude. Turn off your ringer.
*Live for today, not just tomorrow.
*Shoot for the stars.

Some of you may know that I love chocolates, from the least expensive to the most expensive. Dove has a new product that were being passed out on Michigan Avenue last week. I was one of the lucky ones that received an entire bag full of the treats. It’s like getting a handful of fortune cookies – yes we all take them just for the message, in some cases. As I unwrapped one of the chocolate goodies, the inside foil had a message that they call Promises message. And yes, I know we have all heard some of these messages but it is nice to have a little reminder to find pleasure in each day. I think I may save them all so I can frame the messages. What a great excuse to treat myself to chocolate. Sorry, I have to run off the the gym to burn off those additional calories!

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