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“Perfect is Perfectly Boring”: Maggie Daley

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Last week I was happy to honor Mayor Daley for all that he has worked to accomplish in Chicago, and although he will no longer be in public office after his sixth term expires in May, we know there’s always a great women behind every man. Maggie Daley, Chicago’s First Lady pledged she will continue her philanthropic work connected to After School Matters – the charity run out of City Hall that has provided activities for Chicago high school students, from culinary and art classes to opera singing lessons and basketball leagues for 19 years. Yes, I’ve been happy to participate in this organizations mission that strives to encourage Chicago teens to change their mindset, and believe they have a future as you all know I am a big supporter of students. For many years Maggie has contributed to the city’s arts, festivals, gardens, beauty and hospitality that we’ve all come to enjoy. She is a remarkable woman who is beloved here in Chicago as she continues to work on one project to another, all while battling cancer for several years now, she still manages to make sure everyone around her is smiling and having a good time. I wish Maggie the up most comfort and strength in her ongoing fight against the disease, and no matter what everyone is thinking about the Mayor, you gotta give it up for his wife!

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