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“Perfect is Perfectly Boring”


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When I went away to college, I was surprised to see the pain young women, like myself, would subject themselves to all in the name of beauty! An 18 year old blond would iron her curly locks on an ironing board so she could have hair like model, Cheryl Tiegs (who, by the way, is in this past weekend’s Time Magazine; 63 and fabulous). One person I admired for her self esteem (perhaps I didn’t understand her politics) was Angela Davis. She had the most amazing Afro! I only remember other black women celebrities like Diana Ross and Tina Turner, with wigs. I did love a young Chelsea Clinton with curls but I also loved her hair when it was swept up at her recent wedding. Amy Irving was one of the first celebs to make layers of natural curls popular. Recently you may have seen my post from Glamorama…I interviewed the talented Macy Gray who had the coolest looking natural hair! By the way, back in the 80′s I tried to perm my straight locks at a very chic salon in NYC so i could have curls. Yes I admit that my hair was straight and shiny but don’t we always want what someone else has until we discover our own signature? Remember…”Perfect is Perfectly Boring”.


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