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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Emmy Fashion’s 2010

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The 62nd Annual Emmy Awards was held in Los Angeles tonight and let me say the celebrities were absolutely stunning! Pinks and blushes were very popular, as well as super sparkles on leading ladies like Claire Danes. Did you watch the Emmy’s last night?    

“Perfect is Perfectly Boring”

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  When I went away to college, I was surprised to see the pain young women, like myself, would subject themselves to all in the name of beauty! An 18 year old blond would iron her curly locks on an ironing board so she could have hair like model, Cheryl Tiegs (who, by the way, is in this past weekend’s …

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Street Fashion: Chicago Women and Celebrities

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    I had such a fun time weaving around Streeterville seeing what the trends were among Chicago women and in the stores. Instead of having a specific theme this week I decided to show how stylish these women I found really were. I cannot wait to find more similarities between Chicago women and celebrities. I will be looking for …

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Pleated Pants: “IN or OUT?”

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  Pleated pants aren’t just for your grandma anymore, they are a hot trend this Fall.  I have spotted them on women of all ages, from the grocery store to a night club.  Designers like DKNY have made the pleated pant a staple in thier Fall 2010 collections.  The weather is slowly cooling off, we will just have to wait …

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LBD Added to Oxford Dictionary

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The LBD is finally getting the recognition it deserves by landing in the third edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English. The “little black dress” has been around for ages and every woman MUST own a LBD, and this classic iconic dress can virtually be worn anywhere, and that is why a LBD is one of our top 10 for …

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In My Opinion: What Trends Should Be Saluted and Remain in Style…Congratulations to our Returning Troops!

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photo: msnbc.msn.com I always believed that I was so lucky to be born into a home with parents whose love brought me into this world.  I feel equally lucky to be born an American because there is no country that provides the privilege and opportunity to enrich one’s life through freedom of choice. This is the reason my grandparents and parents …

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Best Kept Secret: Nick Cave’s New Pop Up Store

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    I was very happy to see the success of Nick Cave, a member of the faculty at The School of the Art Institue in Chicago, announcing the soon-to-be opening of his pop up store. The store will be opened September 10 and last for one week at Michigan Avenue and 23rd St. My relationship with Nick goes back many years. When I first used …

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Street Fashion: All that Glitters

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         In the past, anything sparkly was saved for a special occasion or the holiday season. It seems there is yet another rule broken in the fashion world. Chicagoans continue to have a love affair, on hot summer days, with anything that catches the sunlight.  Glitzy embellishments have not only flooded the streets of Chicago but red …

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